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Beautiful people~

I was kinda, absent for like a year or so, i don't really know :/ actually im the only one active on livejournal (Aside from the other makers/members) of this community D: i haven't talk a lot to my friends lately so im not sure of what they're up to .  So i was wondering if i should hire (if you can call it like that) more makers 'cause im a lazy ass and i can't be updating the community too much , you know, people have life too D: (and i dont really know if people like my icons so .. lol) Depending from this new batch and comments and all that stuff i'll decide what to do, and of course if you'd like to form part of this comm, don't hesitate to suggest someone or even yourself! I'll for sure take a look at your desings or the desings of the people you recomend! :)
So, i've made a new batch , they're like 80 icons of Inoue Mao (don't know if some people remember a challenge i made myself, i was going to make 100 icons, but like i told you already im a lazy ass and didnt finished all the 100) so i thought .. since i dont have internet on my computer i dont have anything to get distracted, i'll make the 100 icons! unfortunately i didn't had a lot of Inoue Mao pics , so i just could make 80 icons :c 
ugly, my english is so ugly .... -___- 
 I'll be making some changes here too, like the layout and more stuff  :x 
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